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Powerful yet Simple Exercises

Tennis game needs you to be strong and functional all the time for any physical movement that you do. If you want to accomplish in the most effective way and without having any injuries, be remember to include training into your regular schedule. When you fix this as a priority you will feel much better in a short span of time.

If the joints are not tough or serviceable, you will feel that other muscle groups will contribute to their function in addition to their own and by this way, they will get overused, tight, and finally, will result in injuries.


For example, if the function of the joints is extended to the hip is weak, the hamstrings and your lower back will be used to compensate them, have a hard work and be fit.    If the gluteus medius (it gives stability to the hips during walking and running) is weak or doesn’t fire properly, then the IT band or adductors compensate, get tight, and eventually injured.

For many athletes, the non-dominant side’s gluteus is often much weaker and eventually becomes dysfunctional, because the stronger side is taking over the load. Then a nasty circle of imbalances starts, and you will feel tightness, pain (chronic pain) and in the worst case, many small or big injuries.

Take full care of yourself and do not get into this phase, and start training your joints and body without wasting a minute. Here are a few simple exercises that can be done in anywhere and at any time, and you do not need any extra exercise equipment. Only to concentrate upon deeply feeling the glutes in each and every drive you do.

Squat with side-kicks:

Put your entire mind in your booty to make this exercise harder and harder, hold the “kick” position for many more seconds till you get a perfect a perfect stability and you should be able to stay on this stability forever.

pexels-photo-342360Pulsating Squat (20r):

To make it firmer, stay in the lowermost point and move only a few of inches up and down. You should repeat this at least 5 times in a row, do one bigger squat, and then other pulsating ones.

Gluten Connection:

To make this exercise harder and in a better way, lift one leg from the floor, putting it quite straight, and bridge only with one leg. Squeeze the glute on the top as much as you can. Glute kicks (20r). To make this really hard, move the leg to the side, 90 degrees, and pulsate there. You will feel the best results.

High Clamshell (20r):

The easier version is with the bottom leg on the ground, the harder version is holding off the ground. Make sure not to angle your hips, and really feel the glutes. To make it even harder, you may put a rubber band around your knees. The scheme of exercise takes a few minutes working and one should always include this scheme of exercise around three to four times and week but if this scheme is applied for seven days a week you will get remarkable and instant benefits.

If you want to have more beneficial exercises then get a good book authored by an expert and you will be happy to find its usefulness at length. If you would like to avail services regarding Tennis court construction such as tennis court fencing is then Talbot Tennis is the best place. In the tennis court, there is seating arrangement for a number of tennis lovers to watch the matches.





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