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Tennis Drills for Improving Concentration

The drills can all be played in points circumstances E.g. up to 11 rotating every 2nd point.

  • Players hit their ground strokes to specific ranges of the court depending upon what their challenger calls out. E.g. “Short”, “Tramlines” etc.
  • Players say “Short” if the ball arrives in their service box and approach the net. Players would say “deep” if the ball arrives past the service line and hit a rally shot.
  • Use a rope tied approx. 3ft over the net. if the ball goes under the rope, the player calls “Low” if the ball goes over the rope, the player calls “High”.
  • Call out what spin is on your competitor’s shot before it reaches on your side of the court, for example, “Topspin”, “Side spin”.
  • Before a player hits the ball, he/she should state what spin they will put on the ball.
  • Players hit the ball forward and backward softly without missing attempting to accomplish a goal of 20 shots in succession, then step by step hit the ball harder and check whether they can get still get 20 shots consecutively.
  • Players exclaim “Bounce” when the ball skips on his/her side of the court and “Hit” when reaching the ball. Can likewise do the same by shouting out “Bounce” when your ball lands on your adversary’s side and “Hit” when your adversary hits the ball.


  • Players call “Split” when your competitor is going to reach the ball and play out a split stride.
  • Players say an elongated version of “Breath” E.g. “Breathe” while reaching the ball to figure out how to breath out at interaction.
  • The mentor tosses/feeds distinctive colored balls to the players. Contingent upon the shade of the ball, the player requires to do a specific shot.
  • Call out what footwork position you will use when the ball has bobbed on your side of the court. E.g. “Straight” position or “Open” position
  • Once a player has discharged the ball from their hand amid the ball toss, they draw attention to straight up toward the ball with their forefinger for 2 seconds.
  • After a player has reached the ball they say “1 and 2” and need to keep their eyes gazing toward where they reached.
  • Just after the ball has left your competitor’s hand when serving, call “Flat” or “Slice” and they need to do the sort of serve called out.
  • Split the serve box into 3 parts. “Body”, “Wide” and “T”. Same as above aside from the competitor calls out “Wide”, “Body” or “T” and the player has 2 opportunities to get this ball into the range called out.
  • Players just have one serve. Players endeavor to begin the point with a serve, however, this time with their eyes shut on the first serve. In the event that they miss the first serve then they do the second serve as ordinary.

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