Mind and Body Connection: One Without the Other Will Lead to Failure!

If you need to achieve your potential as a competitor you should actively engage in all areas that are essential for accomplishing a “Winning Mindset.” So, keeping in mind, you should care for your body. When you recognize that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mindset then you will start to care for your body and what you put into it.

My “Pyramid” of Mind-Body Success

  • Food Equals Strength!
  • Sleep Equals Recovery!
  • Joy Equals Enjoyment!
  • Enjoyment Equals a Positive Mindset!
  • A Positive Mindset Equals Victory Both On and Off the Court!!

Advantages of Getting Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night

An 8 hours’ sleep is essential for a good athlete. Sleep adds to your general well being and prosperity. A decent night’s rest likewise helps your brain to be cleared from negative musings. It revives your body, brain, and soul which all assume a noteworthy part in keeping up the correct mentality for tennis achievement.

Food and Nutrition for the Tennis Mind

If you wish to succeed as a tennis player then you should address the issues of nutrition and how food impacts your performance. Food gives you power! You have to give careful attention to your pre-game and post-game meals. Your positive state of mind depends upon healthy eating and good diet so on the off chance that you neglect this key area then you will suffer a lot mentally.


Healthy Eating Will:

  • Provide you with the needed energy to fuel your body.
  • Help you achieve your full physical potential.
  • Support your body while you are developing and growing.
  • Help with building up a positive attitude and control your states of mind.
  • Help shields you from numerous ailments.
  • Help you to enjoy your life a lot and have more power to confront the task before you.
  • Help to reduce your anxiety levels.

Nutrition and Travel for Tennis Players

As a good tennis player, you will have to go to tournaments. This might be to local competitions where travel is insignificant or it might be interstate or international travel where you will be exposed to performance destroying results, for example, increased fatigue and ” jet-lag” that may continue for some days.

Rest and Recovery

Getting enough rest after a serious instructional meeting or match is imperative for you to recuperate appropriately with the goal that you will be prepared both physically and rationally to perform in your next match. Your body repairs and reinforces itself in the time between matches.

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