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The Pros of Tennis

One of the most popular sports in the world, tennis has been grossly undervalued due to the sole focus on its recreational value; ignoring the health benefits that it entails.

Tennis involves a lot of different physical movements such as those made to serve the ball over the net, continue rallies (the continuous movement of the ball from one side of the court to the other), quick movements, and the use of strategic game play.

Tennis is a lot more than a just recreational sport. Though it may be fun to play with friends and family, it adds to your general physical and mental health as well. You know how they say that if you do what you like, you’ll never get old; well it isn’t just figurative in this case. Tennis helps us maintain our agility, health, fitness and strength. A calculation presents that an hour long game of tennis could easily help you burn 600 calories, which is in the case of men, but women burn a bit less at 420 calories. Some of the established benefits to be gained from this sport:

·        Cardiovascular

A tennis match has been accurately described as “a thousand little sprints”. The quick movements demanded by the sport help burn fat, promote higher energy levels, and increase your heart. The game is divided into intervals to optimally improve cardiovascular health, which is essential to lower the risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attack.

·        Muscle Development

Adding to the cardiovascular benefits provided by tennis, the rigorous strength training targeted at your arms legs and the upper body provides a sturdier and lean framework to the player. Tennis uses different muscles rather than just a repetitive set, and hence provides the most aptitude for growth.

·        Brain Development

Most people consider the brain to be a muscle just like any other in the body, which means that it grows the more you use it, and tennis makes you use it. Tennis is not a game of just brute strength and smashing the ball over the place, it is a game of tactic and strategy that requires the brain to be focused and make decision in the fraction of a second.

·        Coordination

Consistent playing of tennis refines the body’s motor skills that are required in gauging the distance, ball striking and personal coordination. It tests your balance, footwork, speed and hand-eye coordination through the course of the game, and the better you become inside the court; the better you are outside it.

Other than these obvious tangible benefits, the sport also provides you with a significant boost in some intangible aspect as well. The intangible aspect in this case is the self-esteem. It is human nature to feel good about yourself when you’re good at something and so is a thing most professionals or other should consider getting them involved in. If you are thinking of getting a tennis court installation, for your convenience contact Talbot Tennis Court Construction company a leading authority in their field.


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