Tennis Court Construction


Ever wonder what a tennis player has to go through behind the scenes? Behind all the trophies, behind all the success is sheer hard work, determination and the will to succeed. Those countless hours of exercise, of perfecting the craft, hitting the ball on court and practicing on different courts is what makes these players look so good on court and in the end makes them championship worthy.

The sport of tennis is considered as one of the most intense and difficult sports to play because of it being quite physically and mentally challenging, however there are some set of exercises which can do wonders for all tennis players who want to improve their game. The main thing for a tennis player is to build strength and power. The first important exercise is the lateral band walk and external rotation. A mini band should be placed on your ankles and a piece of their-band should be kept while putting palms up, with the elbows in at the side at the same time you have to externally rotate your arms. Then you have to step laterally with your feet facing straight ahead in an athletic posture.

The second important exercise is the single leg balance with external rotation; you have to balance on one foot while standing on a foam pad and perform shoulder rotation.  Bench split squats by placing one foot at top of something a ball or a bench and the other one in a split squat position with dumbbells in hand or for women their own bodyweight would be enough. The key of this exercise is to maintain perfect posture through the spine throughout.  Other exercises include the rotational cable rows and the split stance curl. One would have to squat down maintain perfect posture, three sets would be enough.

In the split stance curl, one has to stand in that position with one foot on a bench, with the down leg pushing onto the toe. Again perfect posture has to be maintained and has to be done with dumbbells by pressing the weight overhead. A popular exercise is the 1 Arm and 1 Leg Cable row, in a single leg squat position; one has to reach for the cable in front with the other hand extends back behind. Posture has to be maintained as that is the key, by keeping your abs and spine straight. As you get up from the squat to a standing position, you have to pull the cable again to your side in a motion or like rowing with the shoulders back and then down. The same time the knee and hip will flex forward into an ending position.

Exercise is important for each individual to stay fit and healthy imagine how important it is for players who have to perform at their highest level, but to do so they have different exercises for different courts with minor tweaks in their practice which they can incorporate in their game play. The game of tennis is played on multiple surfaces, if you want to get tennis court maintenance done on your court then check out Talbot Tennis, the leading tennis court construction services provider in Georgia, USA.


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