Tennis Court Construction

The New Home of American Tennis


When you have a grand tennis court, it’s only right that it is given a grand opening ceremony too. Thus, when the USTA’s “new home of American tennis” finally opened its doors, in Lake Nona (in Orlando, Florida), it had a grand inauguration, with fans, dignitaries and TV coverage.

The National Campus is by far one of the biggest tennis provisions around the globe. It spreads on 64 acres and is further divided into functional areas. This state-of-the-art facility will encompass a total of 100 courts (32 Plexicushion hard courts, 32 Har-Tru green clay courts, 16 Sport Courts, eight DecoTurf acrylic cushion courts, six European Terre Davis red clay and six ReBound Ace indoor courts) along with two stadium courts. The campus is made up of the following areas:

  • The adidas Performance Center
  • Team USA / Tournament Headquarters
  • Nemours Family Zone
  • Collegiate Area

The novelty just does not stop at courts. The center has an built-in TV network enabling for messaging and programming to be seen all over the campus. All 84 courts will have live streaming and Wi-Fi facilities available throughout the center (which also becomes headquarters for USTA staff).

The facility will be the abode to the national training center for USTA-certified players – the site will be used to create innovative methods for teaching, evaluating and certifying players. One of the most amazing features of the new National Campus is that it is open to the public and will not require any membership – something completely in line with USTA’s commitment to community sports. Lessons and local coaching will be offered.

More than 100 sporting events have already been planned for the center in 2017. It’s just a matter of time we will see incredible increase in the members list.

The people behind creating such courts are the real heroes of the tennis world without courts where the players play, for more information and for the best tennis court construction long onto Talbot Tennis.




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